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Added advisor bonus calc.


Improved the infamous advisors page.


Updated jail calculator.


Updated council room calculator.


Updated infamous advisors.


Improved On Sale page and fixed bugs.

Respect Calc

A respect and power calculator for troop bundles and training troops. It has all attack and defense troops and you are able to fill in the tourney multiplier and your bonuses.

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Jail Calc

Jail size and bail ratio calculator. Fill in the settings for your hoods and see how many meat troops you will need for your perfect bail wave.

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Sacrifice Calc

A respect calculator for boxing arena's. Fill in the troops your are going to sac and all boxing arena levels and you will know exactly how much respect you will get.

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Council Room Calc

The most accurate council room calculator available, calculate how much respect you will get from your decree's and orders in the next advisor tournament.

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On Sale

Be ready for all the good deals, look up when the item you need will be on sale so that you know when to get or save diamonds.

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Sacrifice Chart

The most updated boxing arena sacrifice chart available, look up how many troops you will need to get them max level. You can also see it's max health and attack.

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