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Il Cugino Tenebrae Attire Set Collection Item - Shamrock Gold

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 21:21:40 PST
Hey Boss,

One thing this war has taught us is that the status quo is changing. New enemies emerge in the streets of New York and they are not to be underestimated. With the combined effort of the Five Families we were able to thwart the autocracy of the new Police Chief, but we know very well that this is only the beginning.

As our button men train to become better aid to the Family, so does your brother! Il Cugino is out in the cold streets of New York preparing for any foreseeable wars that may ensue. Supply him some of his favourite Shamrock Whiskey, for he will need it to keep his vigor steady as he prepares a Tenebrous package for his enemies.

From 12:00 am PST 16th January 2016 till 12:00 am PST 24th January, you’ll have several chances to grab Shamrock Gold collection item!

Collect 2 Shamrock Gold and Win 1x Don's Decree +18, 1x Don's Permit, 1x Don's Blessing Bundle and 1x Don's Sanction Bundle (No Limit)          
Collect 4 Shamrock Gold and Win 10,000 Man-Eater Troops, 1x Don's Decree +19 and 10,000 Skinner Troops (Limit 5)          
Collect 8 Shamrock Gold and Win 1x Don’s Decree +20, 2x Don's Permit Bundle and 14,000 Romeo Troops (Limit 4)          
Collect 10 Shamrock Gold and Win 2x Don’s Decree +21, 1x Don's Assent and 25,000 Boot Legger Troops (Limit 3)          
Collect 12 Shamrock Gold and Win 1x Il Cugino Tenebrae Attire  Set (Limit 1)          
Collect 14 Shamrock Gold and Win 2x Don's Assent Bundle, 1x Don’s Decree +22 and 20,000 Gravedigger Troops (Limit 1)

Click HERE to learn more about the Il Cugino Tenebrae Attire Set Collection Event!

All collection event rewards will be distributed within 7 business days after the end of this event.

Good luck!
-- The Godfather: Five Families Team
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