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Flash Sale @ 7 AM PDT: Rank High with the 5 Star Box!

Mon, 10 Oct 2016 02:26:24 PDT
Hey Boss,

The Black Market is buzzing! There is a new package on the streets and the items in it are all top of it's class! Hurry, get your hands on it while you still can, it may not be there forever.

Open the 5 Star Mystery Box to win either:

1 or 5 Premium Jackpot Mystery Box or Jackpot Mystery Box OR
1 or 5 Express Bundle or Don's Permit Bundle or Builders Bundle OR
5 or 10 Don's Sanction Bundle or Dons Speed Up Mystery Box OR
5 or 10 Bassist Mystery Box or Skinner Mystery Box or Bonnie and Clyde Mystery Box
5 or 10 50% Training Whistles

Thanks for playing!

-- The Godfather: Five Families
Link to acticle

New Building Levels & Smuggled Goods Payout Released (Level 19 - 23)

Wed, 5 Oct 2016 04:33:25 PDT
Hey Boss,

As you all might know, the New building Levels 19 - 23 has been released today and the payouts for the Smuggled Goods Collection Event are now complete. The initial plan was to release it last Friday.

Sorry for the delay. Keep enjoying the game!

- The Godfather Five Families Team
Link to acticle