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Crew Vs. Boss!

Wed, 22 Feb 2017 01:13:09 PST
Hey Boss,

We just got some interesting news!

The Black Hand has called for support and their Boss 'Dead-Eye Maddie' is personally marching into town to aid them. The arrival estimate is Thursday 02/23 at 6.00 AM PST. Their boss is planning to revamp their gang with fresh blood. Prepare your crew and take their boss out before the plan succeeds.

Prepare for a Crew vs Boss Fight!

-  Button of Family
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'Laws are meant to be' Collection Item - Confidential file

Tue, 14 Feb 2017 02:26:45 PST
Hey Boss,

Have you heard? Its Hills! Laconic Hills! The biggest fixer in New York! She has finally agreed to work with our Family! With her we shall assail that dolt for a Chief. But, her services doesn’t come cheap. Her condition, we have to supply her with confidential files that will help support some of her more distinguished clients. Let's find the files boss, I guarantee that she is worth this and more!

Find enough ‘Confidential Files’ and hire Arlyne “Laconic" Hills, the all new Law Advisor to your Council.

Collect 2 Confidential file and Win 1x Don's Decree +18, and 5,000 Car Bomber Troops (No Limit)
Collect 4 Confidential file and Win 1x Don's Permit Bundle, 10,000 Man-Eater Troops, and 5,000 Bootlegger Troops (Limit 4)
Collect 8 Confidential file and Win 1x Don’s Decree +21, 1x Don’s Decree +20, 1x Don's Assent and 1x Express Bundle (Limit 2)
Collect 10 Confidential file and Win 1x Don’s Decree +22, 1x Don’s Decree +21, and 10,000 Grave Digger Troops (Limit 2)
Collect 13 Confidential file and Win 1x Arlyne “Laconic" Hills Advisor (Limit 1)
Collect 15 Confidential file and Win 1x Don's Assent Bundle, 1x Don’s Decree +23, and 1x Don’s Decree +22 (Limit 1)

Click here to learn more about the 'Laws are meant to be' Collection Event.

Good Luck!

The Godfather Five Families Team
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Flash Sale at 7 AM PST: 5 Star Mystery Box !

Fri, 10 Feb 2017 01:00:24 PST
Hey Boss,

The Black Market is buzzing! There is a new package on the streets and the items in it are all top of it's class! Hurry, get your hands on it while you still can, it may not be there forever.

Open the 5 Star Mystery Box to win either:

1 or 5 Premium Jackpot Mystery Box or Jackpot Mystery Box OR
1 or 5 Express Bundle or Don's Permit Bundle or Builders Bundle OR
5 or 10 Don's Sanction Bundle or Dons Speed Up Mystery Box OR
5 or 10 Bassist Mystery Box or Skinner Mystery Box or Bonnie and Clyde Mystery Box
5 or 10 50% Training Whistles

-- The Godfather: Five Families Team
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