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Don’s Offer Collection Item

Thu, 24 Nov 2016 03:09:33 PST
Hey Boss,

The Don has made an offer you cannot refuse! A Respect Advisor of rare breed has walked into town to visit the families of New York. The Don has reasoned a deal with Chris "Big Tuna" Riccardo an advisor of infamous proportion to counsel his Family. The condition to hire, earn the 5 Don's Offer contract and do so before he leaves New York, for he will never return to these hoods again!

From 12:00 am PST 25th November 2016 till 12:00 am PST 28th November, you’ll have several chances to grab Don’s Offer collection item!

NOTE: Chris "Big Tuna" Riccardo is an exclusive advisor who is available for a limited time only in the game! Hire him now as he will never be available in the game again!

Collect 5 Don’s Offer and Win 1x Chris ‘Big Tuna’ Riccardo Advisor

Click HERE to learn more about the Thanksgiving Collection Event

All collection event rewards will be distributed within 7 business days after the end of this event.

Keep a sharp look out for opportunities to grab Chris ‘Big Tuna’ Ricardo Advisor. Be sure to redeem all your Don’s Offer by November 28th at 11:59pm PST in order to qualify for these prizes.

Good luck!

--The Godfather: Five Families
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Flash Sale @ 8 AM PST: 5 Star Mystery Box!

Mon, 21 Nov 2016 02:10:07 PST
Hey Boss,

The Black Market is buzzing! There is a new package on the streets and the items in it are all top of it's class! Hurry, get your hands on it while you still can, it may not be there forever.

Open the 5 Star Mystery Box to win either:

1 or 5 Premium Jackpot Mystery Box or Jackpot Mystery Box OR
1 or 5 Express Bundle or Don's Permit Bundle or Builders Bundle OR
5 or 10 Don's Sanction Bundle or Dons Speed Up Mystery Box OR
5 or 10 Bassist Mystery Box or Skinner Mystery Box or Bonnie and Clyde Mystery Box
5 or 10 50% Training Whistles

-- The Godfather: Five Families Team
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Albern Tier 8 - Jabberwocky Set

Sun, 13 Nov 2016 21:49:14 PST
Hey Boss,

As the empire expands, the Don is looking for new ways to increase the effectiveness of his network. As one of the means is transportation, he wants his family to have the best. After multiple reports from his family on the top cars of New York, he has decided on the Jabberwocky. Please the Don, gain his favor and get your hands on the New Jabberwocky Set, for it is the meanest upgrade on the street and with it, your Albern will never be the same again!

Set Bonus - Bonus Respect Earned from March: 16%

So with every march to a hood you gain additional respect!

Individual Parts and Buffs:

Set Details @ Level 20:

Car Part: Jabberwocky Grill - Attack Increase: 78%

Car Part: Jabberwocky Body - Health Increase: 78%

Car Part: Jabberwocky Tires - Decreases Cooldown: 13.2%

Car Part: Jabberwocky Ornament - March Size Increase: 78,400

Car Part: Jabberwocky Roof - Critical Hit Chance: 13%

Car Part: Jabberwocky Driver - March Size Increase: 78,400

Note: The Albern parts given out in this event will be at level 1

Keep a sharp eye out for ways to get the new Jabberwocky Albern Parts! It might just zoom by you!

Good luck!

--The Godfather: Five Families

For more info, check out the Jabberwocky Collection Event

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Watch and Earn!

Fri, 11 Nov 2016 09:24:30 PST
Hi All,

As many of you already noticed, we have updated the Watch and Earn with a Brand New "Costruire Box". For every 5 ads watched a player will receive 1 "Costruire Box".

Also, we will be updating the 'Watch and Earn' with different boxes frequently in the future.

Hope you enjoy the new changes!

-- Godfather Five Families Team
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